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There's one week until Christmas. I honestly don't care. I am sad I'm alone and still, prouder I'm alone. Unlike my friends, I'm holding out for something real; not someone to buy a gift for or show off at a party.

I've received no cards from so-called friends. Just family cards with my name spelled wrong. That might be the most disappointing.

Dear cousin: I know we're not close and we never see each other, but please, respect me enough to learn how to spell my name right.

That's it...my feeling isn't depressed, isolation, aloneness...it's disrespected.

Disrespected by the 'best friend' who never calls or emails anymore because she has a boyfriend she's so serious with she's almost engaged to. Disrespected by the family. Disrespected by friends who are too wrapped up in finding someone to wrap for this Christmas.

I am single this Christmas. And it sounds sad at first, but then...I remember. I'm better than the desperation that has overcome my friends. I am not pathetic in an attempt to latch on to any guy who comes around.

Maybe there is something to smile about this Christmas. Sorry this was kind of...well...not the best...it could've been better. But, it's what I have to say and it's 230a and sleep is calling.

--by sad_princess, MI, 12/18/2007

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